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Why Retrofit?

In the last 20 years more and more manufacturers and fabricators have opted for upgrading and retrofitting their existing press brakes instead of replacing, or buying new. 

Why? Because, on average, the cost of retrofitting an existing press brake is usually less than a third of the cost of purchasing a brand new machine that is comparable in quality and technology.                  

Why get rid of a press brake that is still structurally sound? After all, the steel frame is as good as day one, which only leaves the CNC and electronic aspect of the press brake needing replacement.

The cost-effectiveness of retrofitting an existing press brake has saved companies a great deal of money. The machine is now more reliable, productive and efficient, featuring the latest in press brake control technology and automation, without having to purchase a new machine.

So if you are contemplating upgrading your existing press brake, you are considering a very wise decision.

Evolution Machinery has close to 35 years of experience in the field of CNC press brake automation and service. 

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Press Brake Refurbishment

Evolution Machinery can refurbish your press brake onsite or have it delivered to our workshop and returned to you refurbished.

This includes services such as:

  • New Esa CNC
  • New Smartscan Light Curtain
  • New encoders (all axis)
  • New internal electrical cabinet wiring
  • New power supplies and relays
  • Machines can also be repainted on request
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Guillotine Shear Controls

We offer a number of options when retrofitting a new control or upgrading an old or obsolete system.

Our simple and basic Nova 910a or programmable Nova 911 can replace an old Elgo system or can convert a manual machine into a GOTO position controlled machine.

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Backgauge Modifications

Evolution Machinery can upgrade your existing backgauge to a multi axis system.

Along with the fitting of a new control system, we can also upgrade the backgauge from a simple R axis addition, which automatically positions the finger stops at the correct height for the tooling being used, with manual z1 and z2 or additionally controlled z1 and z2 axis, which positions the fingers to the correct width of the component being bent.


Evomach Backgauges

Our range of backgauges can upgrade a manual machine or replace an existing system.


Tetra Pak CPS Ltd

Tetra Pak CPS Ltd

Evolution Machinery fitted Tetra Pak CPS Ltd's Edwards Pearson 300 ton, 4m press brake with new Esa s650w control, linear encoders and Smartscan T4 Light Guard.



Evolution Machinery has refurbished and retrofitted the Promecam with a new Esa s530 control and backguage conversion giving a programmable, servo-motor driven, R axis.



Evolution Machinery has upgraded Powrmatic's Mecos press brakes with new Esa s540 control systems and Smartscan T4 Light Guards.